August 13, 2018 3 min read

My husband thinks I’m careless which is totally lame. Women are careful by nature plus I have a million things to think about and take care of in a day, and that includes him. So I lost a watch. So what? It’s not a baby. Ok, sorry. I don’t have to be rude and it’s not that I don’t feel bad. It’s just that I don’t like him making a big deal out of a watch. It’s a watch!

Before you judge me, I think I know what makes me not miss that watch -- I already have my ideal soul-soothing watch of my dreams. I can’t tell him that but I will tell you in a while. Don’t expose me :) Women keep secrets, right?

Let me first tell you why this watch was a big deal to him. We had a big fight last Thanksgiving. It was something stupid about in-laws. If you have no in-laws drama; you are a lucky girl. So this night, in the middle of dinner, a discussion came up and he totally disowned me in that conversation. I was alone in my camp against an army of in-laws.

So what does a girl do? Walk away. Yes! Just then, in the middle of nowhere, I got the guts to pick my coat and disappear in the starry streets of Minnesota. Mind you, I had no phone and no money on me. I just needed a breather.

So, he follows me but can’t get me. He gives up; goes back home and can’t bear the anxiety. He takes his coat as well and takes a walk. As he’s walking along the streets, he sees this beautiful watch and he thinks, aha… I think this will be a good ransom for this mess. He bought it.

Meanwhile, I have checked with my girls and we are laughing ourselves silly over coffee. Here’s the tricky part. One of my girls has the watch’. Honestly, I hadn’t seen such a beautiful watch before. I couldn’t stop staring and she wasn’t willing to let it go.

She had bought the Lvpai Women’s Rose Gold Women’s Wristwatch online and it had been delivered the same day. Damn! I wouldn’t stop salivating over it and you know how we are when we want something, we really plead!!

So, Sally, for old times’ sake finally lets me have the watch! I literally shed tears. This watch has some features to die for:

• The Rose Gold luster, which girl won’t love that?

• The little stars design - wow!

• The wristband - pure greatness.

• Not so light, not too heavy.

• It's 99 Ft. water resistant and you know how we can’t escape water.

• It’s neither official nor casual. Just classy.

• It’s got a stainless steel case cover. What else are you looking for?

I tell you what? I totally forgot the family drama. I went back, of course, and received that other watch from hubby. I removed my gem and wore his in an act of remorse but trust me. It never really touched my soul as much as my Lvpai Women’s Rose Gold Wristwatch. Now you know why I’m not mourning its loss.

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