January 15, 2020 3 min read

Colored women have some of the most gorgeous skin. The makeup option for dark skin, however, is severely limited compared to the vast array of makeup options available for other skin types.

As such, it can be incredibly difficult to find custom makeups for your color skin from most makeup lines. Most of these popular makeups simply do not have deep foundations that go deep in the skin enough for dark skin, and some are just too light and will not show up on colored skin.

But you can still get the most out of any makeup options you choose. You have to be creative enough and pay attention to a few guidelines on how to make up your color skin. The truth is, no makeup kit is perfect. It is your creativity, combined with your choice of colors that bring out the best in you.

Below are a few guidelines on how to make up your colored skin and get the most out of any makeup session.

Makeup guidelines for colored women

Making up your face

When making up your face, you might want to avoid foundations that are too light. This is because light foundations tend to leave a chalky mark on your face. The goal of a foundation is to blend in with your skin and disappear without leaving any trace.

As such, when making up your face, you should go for a darker foundation, one that will blend in with your facial colors and leave no trace after it has been layered. One good rule to follow when deciding the best color to go for is the three-shade rule: pick at least three colors from your foundation. Smear these with your finger in three strips on your cheek. Now, look at them on your skin in natural light. The color that best blends in with your skin is your color.

If the three-shade rule doesn't give you the right color, then you may want to try mixing two colors to get the right color. Apply a color that is darker than your skin and another one that is lighter than your skin. Mix both and see if it will give you the right color.

For blush or bronzer, brown and copper are often the two colors that accentuate the Africa American skin color.

Coloring your lips

When it comes to coloring the lips, neutrals, pinks and earth tones tend to work better than other colors.

As such, you may want to start your lip journey with one of those or better still go for a lip gloss. After applying your lip gloss line, it with a lip liner color that is very close to the color of your lip gloss. This way, the liner won't look out of place or disconnected from the rest of the lip.

Making up the eyes

Shimmering and metallic colors seem to work best against the Africa American skin. As such, you may want to start with them.

A good rule to follow when working on the eyes is the darker the skin, the shinier the color you can pull off. So, you may want to start with the faintest shimmer and then improves it until you find the sweet spot.

Makeup for colored skin is still growing and better than what it used to be in the last three decades. You have more options now, and with more creativity, you can pull off the perfect look without any hassle.