August 15, 2018 4 min read

A watch is a very personal thing; that's why men tend to weigh their luxury watch choices carefully. Different criteria such as personal taste of course but also price, lifestyle etc.. A watch is therefore often a reliable source of information on personality.

Buying a beautiful watch reflects the expression of a character and represents a safe investment, which you can also wear all your life and even bequeath to your children and grandchildren. Of course, buying a mechanical timepiece nowadays is not without difficulties and requires a cautious and thoughtful attitude. It is important to follow certain rules.

7 reasons why people who wear a watch to work are more successful!

1. Reaffirm your ability be punctuality

Keep in mind that using a watch will not force you to be more punctual, punctuality depends more on a habit, however, having one on hand will allow you to control more time. The fact of being punctual is a feature of each person's personality, but a watch on your wrist will help you remember that it is important to arrive on time, above all you will reflect your capacity for commitment and responsibility towards those in your environment.

2. The status you project

Wearing an accessory like a good wristwatch can make a difference depending on when and how you use it. In the eyes of others transmits confidence, style and taste for detail-own a sybarite man. Depending on the style of watch you wear, you will be showing your style and status. In the professions where it is required to go well dressed, usually with a suit and tie, the watch is the complement that gives the final touch to the look, marking what is the status of who wears it.

3. It is a true reflection of your personality

Tell me what watch you use and I will tell you who you are! Of course, that the watch we use reflects in our image the type of personality we possess. If you like discreet designs and round dial surely your personality is more sober, somewhat classical; On the other hand, if you like those with rectangular covers, they denote a more sophisticated personality, if you like large ones, your personality is more dramatic, that is, you like to attract attention; If you prefer extensibles with strong colors your personality is more extroverted.

4. A sign that you pay attention to details

Generally men do not see a watch as easily as a fashion accessory, because we give it a "logical" use and we value it according to its usefulness. They see it as a fashion accessory capable of distinguishing a man with style from another who does not. Moreover, if you combine it with your shoes and your belt, you will reflect a more coordinated and sophisticated look, and that, they appreciate it at first sight.

5. Transmit your professional level

It is very important to keep in mind that a smart watch will make those around you assume that your professional environment is very respectable and that your seriousness is a priority. It is not about wearing the most expensive watch, but about the quality that it reflects. Of course there are high quality watches which are a real investment, but which average man may not be willing to pay. It's like a good pair of shoes or a good suit, its quality is noticeable even without knowing the brand. However, a man with style never discusses the price of his clothing or accessories, then focus on selecting a watch appropriate for your type of profession, and consequently this will project your level of professionalism.

6. Watches are a sign of professional world.

Every man who boasts in the business world or in the same day to day knows that he can not use the same watch every day with any outfit. As with food and wine, there is a kind of watch for each dress code and event. Really seeing a man always with the same clock on his wrist projects the most basic functional meaning of the clock, that of giving the time, and leaves out the meaning of accessory that projects his style.

7. A sign of belonging
The wristwatch is an accessory of utmost importance for a man, since it not only complements his clothing, but also projects his character and style, providing his surroundings with a more in-depth look at himself, without having to say single word. This is why the purchase of a watch is a personal decision that must be made with a high priority.

We all understand the basic concept of a clock (this gives the time, most work with quartz movement and battery operation, etc.). A deeper understanding, however, can help you recognize the subtle differences between different clocks. Understanding these complexities will not only help you make a better decision when buying according to your needs, but it may even help you save money.

If you wear one, you will be able to observe if the person opposite is an observer: it lingers a little on your watch, the answer is positive. Particularly in the business world, it is important to know who you are talking to.