August 10, 2018 2 min read

Good Eyes: 7 Reasons to Buy these Steampunk Sunglasses


Who doesn't just love steampunk? Ever since K. W. Jeter came up with the term back in 1987, this whimsical look back at a time when steam rather than electricity powered the advances of the Victorian era has captured our imaginations in a way few movements have.

Some of the most distinctive pieces of steampunk fashion are undoubtedly the sunglasses. You couldn't wish for a more perfect blend of history, fantasy, and science fiction all in one piece. It looks pretty damn good as well.

Take a look at these Gothic Steampunk Sunglasses and a couple of reasons why we feel they just might be that perfect pair of you've been looking for.

1. Stand out from the crowd

If you're looking to show the world that you just might have a different way of looking at things than most, then these are for you. These Gothic styled sunglasses aren't your all-too-common Walmart discount aisle pieces, they speak to a certain selectiveness and taste that's rather rare in today's world.

2. Fashion-Forward

There are two types of people in the world - the trendsetters and the trend followers. These sunglasses will put you squarely in the first category. Sunglasses lovers know what we mean. While steampunk has already amassed a huge following around the world, these are the next level when it comes to quality and restrained elegance - the very essence of what the world is aspiring to reach right now.

3. Excellent UV protection

You won't have to forgo your sun protection just to look good, as these sunglasses will provide you with all the UV protection you could hope for in a good pair of sunglasses. Steampunk or no, these will get the job done right.

4. Great for riding

All bikers are sunglasses lovers, and each one of them should be especially excited to get their hands on this pair. They will take care of any possible glare while on the road while providing all the wind and dust particle protection you require. Notably, due to their frame's design, they will be able to protect you from any dust and debris that might get at your eyes through the sides of the glasses.

5. Goes with any outfit

You can't really get things wrong with a great pair of sunglasses, and the story isn't any different here. Sure, some steampunk designs might be a bit much for the office picnic, but these are tastefully understated while still retaining the Victorian elegance and sophistication that is the hallmark of steampunk

6. A wide range of color options

There are plenty of color combinations available here, enough to suit the most exacting wardrobe selection. From black and grey, to silver and red, all the way to bronze and brown, you're well placed to find something that suits your tastes perfectly.

7. Durable metal frame

The metal frames these sunglasses come in will ensure that any pair you get your hands on will be a treasured part of your wardrobe for many years to come, rather than a pair you break and discard on your second outing. Quality stands the test of time, and it's only fitting that a pair of sunglasses channeling the distant Victorian era should do just that. Get your here .