August 14, 2018 3 min read

If you are heading for a run or walk, it is likely that you have your clothes, gears, and shoes ready. However, you might often forget to wear a proper pair of sunglasses.

This is what would provide you with the right protection against the harmful rays of the sun and under no circumstances must the same be ignored. So running with sunglasses is critical for your eye health.

Thus there has always been a strong correlation between sunglasses and runners. Let us understand the top 5 reasons why you must never run without sunglasses.

1.Visual Comfort
Even if you are an occasional runner you would realize that most running events are held during the daytime in the harsh sunlight. It is also possible that you are running for personal reasons like health and fitness. But you probably do it at the time when the sun is up. During such periods it is likely that your eyes are exposed to such bright sunlight you often squint and furrow up your face.

This might put extra tension on your face muscles. Over a period of time it can prove to be harmful. Thus visual comfort is essential when you are out in the sun. With the right pair of sunglasses, this is what you can have.

2.Helps you to stay calm and perform better
Staying more calm and relaxed is an essential factor which can help you perform better when you are running. As already mentioned above with the appropriate sunglasses with the visual comfort you can stay more calm and relaxed and thus you can focus on your running.

It can help you to ultimately improve your performance. We are sure that being the best is what you strive for whether you are a professional runner or an amateur.

3.Provide protection against harmful UV rays
Often it is assumed that sunglasses are meant just for style. It is true that stylish sunglasses might enhance your looks significantly. Yet apart from this, they perform the all-important function of protecting your eyes and the delicate skin area around it.

The harmful UV A & B rays can cause significant damages to your eyes. You may not realize this in the short run but in the long run, a prolonged exposure to these rays can cause eye problems like Cataracts, pinguecula, and pterygium. Apart from this, it might also lead to, corneal damage, and distorted vision. Thus you need the sunglasses which provide complete protection against the UV rays at all times.

4.Helps to cut glare and provide sharper vision
When you are running in the hot sun, you might face difficulty to see due to the glare from certain surfaces like the road or the pavement. Under such conditions cutting down the same becomes necessary. By wearing polarized sunglasses you could reduce this and it would also help you to run better.

5.Helps to protect against skin cancer on eyelids
It is seen that a majority of skin cancers can be prevented by using the right sunscreens. However, studies show that as much as 10% of skin cancers occur on the eyelid area. This is owing to prolonged exposure to the harmful sun rays. You could protect this area by wearing protective sunglasses and one more reason for wearing them while running.