August 12, 2018 2 min read

11 Benefits of Owning Mechanical Skeleton Watch

I have been buying a watch every spring. What’s my problem? Have I completely lost the taste for a good watch or is it just an awful coincidence that I have been picking the wrong’ ones? Wait a moment? I’m not the problem. I just landed on my most precious asset so far.

This is probably the best moment of my life. This is like a prayer answered. I was coming to a point of getting done with my life with watches. I will tell you why shortly. First, I share with you my hurt-aches’.

Spring 2006, I was with my wife on a musical tour. You know how every celebrity wears legendary stuff? I was the only one with a toy-like, under-size watch. I won’t bad mouth it because it was a gift from my dear wife and she might just land on this story.

So, on that spring, I decided to buy myself a gift. We had gone through a series of successful gigs and I was feeling loaded so, why not? We took to a shopping spring with one of my boys and whoa! They had great stuff. And so I pick one. It was gold, lustrous, rich, and creative and all that stuff. Guess what? In less than a month, it had started fading.

I still love it so I stay with it until I see another mouth-watering celebrity type watch, this time more expensive and I had less money but what the hell? I bought it. The same night, we had a nasty boys' fight at a bar. I still hate that day. I hit the counter and the glass fell off and cracked.

Since then, it’s been like a bad omen. Watch after watch, brand after another. Trust me, it’s been crazy! I have a museum of all types of watches. But wait!! I got a terrific mechanical skeleton watch! Terrific!

Let me tell you about it…

- It has a luminous classy finish that ensures the pointer and graphics are clear in the darkness

- It’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities

- The leather strap is not only beautiful, it’s the most comfortable I have ever had

- The case cover is stainless steel. Durable? Of course!

- It has a self-winding automatic movement

- It has a 14mm thick case, no worries about cracks anymore

- At 134g, it’s weight perfectly matches the screen size

- Before you forget, the skeleton masculine design feels unique and

- Your arm’s everyday movement powers the self- winding automatic movement

- Safe for brief water immersion – 30M waterproof to be precise

- The silky black is a compliment for both casual or formal wear

Then the winner, every one of my friend wants it! What a feeling? I wouldn’t know a better purchase than this men skull skeleton watch. You might want to tell all the men who love skull watches.

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